Electromechanical Medical Devices

Electromechanical device (EMD) experts

Looking for a turnkey, US-based, FDA-compliant EMD medical device manufacturer for your entire product life-cycle? We have a proven track record of reducing manufacturing costs by expediting development and production timelines while holding to the highest standards of quality. Our robust quality system has earned a strong reputation with some of the largest names in the medical device industry. We understand the unique standards and requirements of Class II and III medical devices.

As a customer, you can count on our best-in-class services, well-planned processes, attention to detail, and a “do-it-right-the-first-time” approach. Our dedicated, responsive team leverages our robust product development capabilities and buying power, oversees manufacturing execution systems (MES), and maintains all medical device history records.

We reduce a product’s time to market and maintain full compliance with regulatory requirements, so you can focus on your core business.

Electromechanical Medical Devices

Product experience

  • Active implantable devices
  • Arthroscopy and orthopedic surgery support systems
  • Artificial heart drivers
  • Battery-powered devices and battery charging
  • Continuous blood glucose monitors
  • Contrast media power injection devices
  • Cryotherapy devices
  • Dermatology systems
  • Diagnostic carts
  • Doppler ultrasound devices
  • Electronic tissue ablation devices (RF)
  • Electrosurgical systems
  • Endoscope cleaners/disinfector
  • Endoscopic light sources (xenon, metal halide, fiber optic, UV)
  • Endoscopy devices
  • Fluid management/fluid monitoring systems
  • Hydrothermal ablation systems
  • Implantable arrhythmia detectors
  • Implantable drug infusion pumps
  • Infusion rate monitors
  • Laparoscopic/hysteroscopic insufflators
  • LVAD pump controller consoles
  • Neurological diagnostic devices
  • Precision drug and biologics delivery systems
  • Remote catheter manipulation devices
  • RF ablation control console
  • Tissue ablation devices (RF, cryo)
  • Vision testing systems
  • Wireless programmers for implantable pumps
  • Wireless systems data transfer and integration (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth® technology)

Market experience

  • Surgical Technologies
  • Orthopedics
  • Diagnostics & Monitoring
  • Cardiac & Vascular
  • Life Sciences

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