design transfer medical device

Successfully transferring your design project to manufacturing

Having a comprehensive medical device design transfer plan in place helps to ensure a successful handoff to manufacturing. At NextPhase Medical Devices, we understand the pressure to have a scalable manufacturing process that produces the right device at the right time for your customers and at a cost the market demands.

The success of your business depends on it.

Get it Right the First Time

Having a defined design to manufacturing transfer process can ensure a successful handoff to manufacturing. Our in-house engineering department is engaged throughout your entire product life-cycle, making decisions with you in the design and development phases to mitigate risk and get it right the first time—and they’ll be with you after commercial launch.

A Highly Experienced Team

You can look forward to working with a highly experienced engineering team that supports your commercial launch and early growth, and we will work with you to optimize processes, develop cost-reduction plans, and support transfers to lower-cost regions as your product matures.

Our services include

  • Product and process evaluation and enhancement plans
  • Engineering services to make revisions and recommend optimization activities throughout your entire product life-cycle
  • LEAN Engineering
  • Value Engineering for cost reductions programs
  • A sustaining engineering team to evaluate overall line efficiencies to drive improvements

We believe that increased communication and planning with our partners is essential for making more educated decisions and preventing risk. Whether you’re in the market for an OEM partner to launch a new project or need help with a project transfer, a sustaining engineering plan should be part of your process.

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