Improving the quality of patient lives is our vital purpose

At NextPhase Medical Devices, we recognize that as a medical device manufacturer the work we do has a significant and meaningful impact on patients’ lives. The core values that we’ve established and operate by allow us to empower our employees to deliver the best medical device solutions and enable them to improve the quality of life of patients.

We are proud and honored to be able to provide our customers with medical device solutions that help improve patient lives.


NextPhase will become our customers preferred and most trusted provider of medical device design, development, manufacturing, assembly, and service solutions.


As the leading low- to medium-volume outsource partner for complex medical devices in North America, NextPhase enables our customers to improve the quality of life of patients by providing innovative medical device solutions.

Core values

These core values inspire our actions, define our culture, and drive our achievement.

Customer Priority
The customer is the driving force behind all we do, and we need to anticipate and meet their needs.

Shop Floor Focus
We need to proactively identify and advance in any areas that provide optimal value to the customer.

We’re all partners in the business, and our destiny lies in our ability to work effectively together at all levels.

We take pride in our responsiveness, capacity for rapid change, and flexibility in a dynamic competitive environment.

We need to identify the key issues that will have the greatest impact in assuring success and manage those to deliver results.

Continuous Improvement
We are dedicated to the pursuit of perfection, which benefits our customers, our company, and our employees.

Value proposition

NextPhase is a leading low- to medium-volume outsource partner for complex electromechanical and single-use medical devices in North America.