NextPhase Medical Devices

has the critical capability to optimize product cost
in the design, manufacture, assembly, and service
of low-maturity and high-maturity products from
a single partner.

Our LEAN systems

deliver continuous cost savings throughout your
entire medical device product life-cycle.

Are you a medical device OEM manufacturer

looking to partner with a leading middle-market
medical device contract manufacturing supplier?


NextPhase is the leading low- to medium-volume outsource partner for complex EMS and disposable medical devices in North America.

Single-Use Devices

At NextPhase, we’re experts in medical device design, development, contract manufacturing, and assembly for your Class I, II, and III single-use medical devices.

EMS Capital Equipment

At NextPhase, we’re a trusted medical device contract manufacturing partner for your Class I, II, and III electronic (EMS) medical device capital equipment.

After Market Services

Our capital equipment support services include customer service phone support, product warranty service, product repairs, trending, and sustaining engineering.

Who we are

At NextPhase we have well-trained customer-centric teams with extensive medical industry knowledge and the drive to deliver the highest quality medical device design, development, manufacturing, and assembly services available. Our more than forty years of collective experience have earned us numerous industry awards, including Medical Design Excellence awards. We’re proud to have a range of customers spanning from start-ups to multinational OEMs.

“NextPhase will continue to further its position as a leading contract manufacturer of both EMS and single-use disposables. We will also strive to put into everyday practice the careful attention to our customer’s needs which is a right all of our customers deserve.”

Carlo W. Colesanti, President and CEO

Carlo W. Colesanti, President and CEO

“At NextPhase we are extremely customer focused and offer exceptional quality, responsiveness, and the passion to exceed our customer’s expectations. We also possess the critical capability to optimize medical device outsourcing costs in the design, manufacture, and service of both single-use-disposables and capital equipment from a single partner.”

Robert A. Olsen, SVP, Sales and Marketing

Robert A. Olsen, SVP, Sales and Marketing

Did you know?

According to a recent survey conducted by a leading medical device authority, medical device contract manufacturing is seeing a reverse shift in outsourcing, with jobs coming back to the U.S. This is why…

U.S. versus International

When selecting an outsourcing vendor, 62% of medical device professionals consider the choice between United States and international to be important.


Quality is a large factor for 62% of medical device manufacturers when selecting an international medical device manufacturer.

IP Protection

When working with an international medical device manufacturing company, 79% of OEMs have some concerns about IP protection.

Industry Reshoring

Over the last 5 years, more and more OEMs are returning their medical device design, development, manufacturing, and assembly work back to the U.S.


Cost has been the major deciding consideration when using an international outsourcing supplier.

Vendor Appeal

U.S. outsourcing vendors are more appealing because they offer better service, higher quality, lower shipping costs, and better IP protection.

Our LEAN focused manufacturing and operational systems will provide consistent cost savings across the product life-cycle.


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