Product Life-Cycle Support
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product life-cycle

Full product life-cycle support

NextPhase supports customers at every stage of the product life-cycle, from device design and innovation to new product introduction, program transfers, or end-of-life programs.


Typical support services include

  • Concept Development (or we can collaborate with your R&D team)
  • Feasibility of design and drafts of foundational documents
  • Design and Development for DFx and early-stage testing activities
  • Design V&V for satisfaction of FDA and validation data requirements
  • Process and manufacturing validation for introduction to manufacturing
  • Initial market launch utilizing our LEAN systems to make sure we’re meeting cost, quality, and delivery goals in advance of product launch
  • Growth and optimization is another opportunity for us to leverage our LEAN systems as we convert into full-scale production
  • All systems are dedicated to continuous improvement, yielding improved quality at a lower cost

Total life-cycle support

product life-cycle

Single-Use Devices

EMS Capital Equipment 

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