Value Stream Team

Our value stream teams always put customer needs first

We employ a cross-functional team based approach to continuously maximize the effectiveness of each Value Stream experience for each customer. Each Value Stream Team operates within our LEAN standard business processes and is strategically focused to optimize value and provide an environment of continuous improvement for the customer. The team is co-located to optimize communication, enabling us to make quick decisions and deliver outcomes that meet our customer’s needs.

Our value stream team's approach
  • Identify customer requirements
  • Draw current state map
  • Develop future state map
  • Assess gaps from current to future state
  • Develop action plans
  • Implement agreed upon changes
Benefits from working with your own value stream team
  • Clear, timely, and transparent communication
  • Value Stream mapping exercises and remediation can provide large lead-time reductions, in some cases up to 50%
  • Quality is a key consideration in everything we do
  • Continuous improvement tools mean we show direct results at each phase of your product life-cycle
  • We can help our customers achieve cost reduction throughout the entire product life-cycle